“When a true journeyman has heart visions of what is over that mountain, through that porthole, and under the crying sky. Then what he expresses are foundation maps weaved of hope, love and magic.”

Scott Kiere is an experienced Social Entrepreneur, Social Artist, CEO, Decision Mapping® Strategist, Author, Speaker & Poet.

Scott successfully mixes practical wisdom with pragmatic business growth strategies in his many executive roles, where he manages a small portfolio of companies, including Urban Green Development, where, as Principal, he serves as President & CEO.

He has helped to strategically and successfully grow a variety of companies using Decision Mapping®, as a successful strategist and growth expert with a track-record of helping company owners and CEOs engage and successfully manage their customer’s decision-making processes. He empowers intelligent and strategic process management to every business in his leadership scope.

He has actively served his many communities as a director on a number of local and national boards including, Excelsior Youth Center, Excelsior Foundation, Impact HUB Boulder, Foundation for Promoting Arts Education, as well as Social Venture Circle (now American Sustainable Business Network – ASBN).

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